Defender of the Defenseless: How God Protects the Unborn


Behold, children are a gift of the Lord,
The fruit of the womb is a reward. Psalm 127:3

The God of Scripture is a God for those that cannot help themselves. Certainly, this proves true for the believer. The Bible teaches us that while we were “helpless” Christ made atonement for our sins (Romans 5:6). In the Old Testament, the LORD railed against Israel because they did not share His heart in helping those that could not help themselves, namely, the “orphan” and the “widow.”

So dire was this neglect that their sacrifices and oblations were no longer accepted. Rather, they were an abomination to the LORD (Isaiah 1:11-13). This was also the reason for some of God’s harshest reactions against the Amalekite nation – a nation that attacked Israel from behind when they were weary and worn (Deuteronomy 25:17-19). Those that would have been straggling were more than likely the elderly and women with small children. Again, these would have been those that could not help themselves. Therefore, the act  of this pagan nation was cowardly and punishable by totally annihilation by the hands of God’s people.

As we look around our own society there is a group of individuals that are helpless. They are the precious unborn people group. Physicians can use any technical term they desire  i.e. “embryos,” “fetus,” etc., but the unborn are people and a helpless people at that. They are humanity. They did not ask to be conceived, but when they are it is our God-given stewardship to care for the helpless and raise these individuals up in the fear and admonition of the LORD (Ephesians 6:4).

We must make a commitment to them as our God has made a commitment to them. He is the giver of life (Genesis 1-2), especially those of mankind for He breathed into us the breath of life and we are a living soul because of it (Genesis 2:7). Thus, the recipients of life have no authority to take life. God is the source of life and as the source only He reserves the right to do with it what He pleases. The implication is that when we decide which child/children we are going to keep and which child/children we are going to kill we make ourselves out to be God.

Scripture teaches us that “children are a gift from the LORD” and “the fruit of the womb is a reward.” (Psalm 127:3). Society has caused us to look down on pregnancy and childbirth as if it takes away our freedom or it ties us down preventing us from having our freedom in some sense. Their response is to rid yourself of that “problem” if you find yourself with it. God tells us that babies are not problems to rid ourselves of, but blessings from the hand of God to be received.

Maybe you are pregnant now and you are struggling with whether or not to keep the baby. Or to the men who played a part in bringing that baby into the world, I pray that you would remember that he/she is a helpless individual that God will always come to the defense of and He is using you to defend them. Defend them against the ills of society, against the injustice of this world. Show them that Christ is the answer. God has given us a stewardship by giving us children. He comes to their aid and as we look to His word may we share His heart that we might raise up the next generation of God-fearers as a testimony and light to this dark world.

Dedicated to my lovely wife, Shaundra and to all the parents who are used by God as instruments to be defenders of the defenseless.



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