About the Urban-ite

If you have ever had any real dealings with the inner-city community than my hope is that you would have a heart for the people who live there. I grew up in Charlotte N.C. in the Hidden Valley community. Anyone familiar with Charlotte is familiar with Hidden Valley. The Hidden Valley Kings, one of the cities most notorious gangs occupy that area. Several years ago the History Channel’s “Gangland” did an episode on this particular clique naming them as one of the nations most vicious gangs.

When I met my wife, she was living in the Tom Brown Village Projects in Birmingham, AL. The neighborhood she resided in was not Beverly Hills to say the least. However, these are the areas that we grew up in. My best friend and brother – in law Kevin, who shares this vision of reaching out to the inner-city, is also indigenous to these kinds of neighborhoods, having grown up on the South side of Bessemer, AL.

These are the sides of towns that I am use to. What comes a long with the deficiency of having law-abiding citizens is the deficiency of theology for the many churches that occupy these areas. There seems to be a Church on every corner in “the hood”, but very few trained leaders. Unfortunately, the “health and wealth message” has claimed this demographic. My desire is to raise the theological bar of the people who I am so accustomed to being around.

I don’t speak as one that has arrived, but as one that hopes his progress will be evident to all (I Timothy 4:15) who read what is conveyed through these blogs. If you have a heart to see change in the urban community, I consider you an “Urban-ite” even if you are not from there. I pray that you pray with me that God would bring about Gospel change to these areas.

May God’s Grace Abound towards You,



4 thoughts on “About the Urban-ite

  1. Enjoy writing, brother! May God’s grace abound towards you in this.

    1. Thanks, man! I want to be faithful in this so prayers are constructive criticisms are much needed. Grace to you as well, my brother.

  2. Greetings from Los Angeles! May God be forever praised, as those He has called are tirelessly living to serve and share the good news of Jesus Christ, our King and Savior.

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