I hope all who have stumbled across this read will do just that. Read. However, I hope you not only read this. I pray that you would pray through what I am about to tell you. Maybe we went to junior high or high school together. Maybe we went to College or go to College together. Maybe we work, or use to work together. Either way, there is some relation-some special connection that God in His great grace and providence has given both you, and I. Some of you knew me way back when, some have only known me for a matter of years or less than that. I’m sure many who read this will not know me at all.

Some of you knew me when I was a “deadman.” Some of you see me “alive.” Now, I know that last statement threw you for a loop. “What in the world is he talking about?” you ask. Well, allow me to explain. I was conceived, not as a “good and innocent” little baby, but as a wretched sinner. If I never did any wrong deeds from the time of my birth unto the time I died, I would still have sent the Lord Jesus Christ to the cross by way of my conception. In Psalm 51:5 David says, “Behold I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin my mother conceived me.” My dear friends, this is the description of ALL who are born from the womb of a woman. That means all of us, here.

However, not only was I conceived a sinner. I did the deeds of a sinner. The law of God (Exodus 20:1-17), I broke it. I broke every commandment written in scripture. The law says do not have any other gods before the True God. What did I do? I made idols. I made gods out of the things this world has to offer and I placed them above the God of the Bible. I gave them my worship. The law says, “Do not steal.” What did I do? I stole. The law says, “Do not commit adultery.” I lived in it. I loved it. Every commandment of God, I broke and I loved breaking them because I enjoyed the temporary pleasures of the sin of breaking God’s law brought to me.

My Heart: This is the problem of every sinner. People will say, “God knows my heart.” You ever heard that? My friends, please listen to me. The heart is full of sin and all manner of wickedness (Genesis 8:21; Jeremiah 17:9; Mark 7:21-23). The heart is what deceived me into believing that the God I was sinning against would let me slide on the day of judgement. After all, God forgives, right? Listen to what the God whom you will one day meet (some of you sooner than others), has to say about the heart. I engaged in every sin imaginable (even with some of you), following after what my heart told me to. I had a lifetime of sinning against the perfect and holy God of the universe-the PERFECT JUDGE.

The Judge: God is Judge. Did you know that? The all wise, eternal, infinite, and holy Judge. Holy? What does that mean? It means THERE IS NO SIN IN GOD. What have I been telling you? I was conceived in sin. My heart is full of sin. I’ve done a lifetime’s worth of sinning and you all know it. I broke the law of God in many ways with some of you all that are reading this note. I will stand before God-the sinless Judge. GUILTY! Just one sin, makes you and I guilty. WE GOTTA PAY and standing before God saying, “God I know you forgive,” is the worst defense that any legal team could make. Think about it. If you were arrested for murder and you hired a defense team. If their defense was “Judge, we all know that the defendant is guilty. He knows he’s guilty, but could you forgive him and let him go.” You would call that the worse defense EVER! No, we gotta pay. I had to pay for the sins I committed against God.

The Problem: I can’t! I can’t pay the penalty for sin. I tried to do good. I gave money to the homeless. Fed people that were hungry. I did all manner of “GOOD DEEDS.” The problem with that is, I still had broken God’s law. Good deeds doesn’t make a criminal cease from being a criminal. Rape is not erased by charitable donations, is it? Of course not. If you or I paid for our own sin, do you know how much it would cost? It would cost you your life. Romans 6:23 states that the “payment for sin is death.” When God judges sin, He doesn’t let you slide on a technicality. He gives you just what the law demands. The law demands that someone dies for breaking it-God’s law not man’s.

I was a deadman. I was dead in my sin (Ephesians 2). If I died in the state that some of you all knew me in back in the day, I would’ve gone straight to hell and God would have been justified in sending me there. Why? I broke His law.

I am alive man! Late in 2001 I was back home in Charlotte N.C. One morning, God broke my heart. You know that old sin filled heart that I was telling you about earlier? He made me realize that I was dead in my sin and that I needed a Savior. I was so far away from God. You see. Sin puts distance between you and God. In fact, the only prayer that God wants to hear from sinners is “save me from my sin.” Your house, your car, your spouse, your kids and all else is of no significance if you are at odds with God because of your sin. Trust me. You are at odds with God because of your sin.

It took the Lord Jesus Christ! Jesus said I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father, but by Me [Him] (John 14:6). Christ never broke God’s law. He never stole, never made and idol, never lusted, never committed adultery. In no area of God’s law was He found out to be guilty and you know what? He took that perfect life, put it on the cross, and allowed the Father-the Judge to pass sentence on Him. The Father gave His Son the death penalty. The only One that could rightfully claim innocence was treated like a criminal for those who could never claim innocence-THE GUILTY.

Christ made me innocent! Jesus took my life of sin upon Himself. That was my sin that was placed upon Christ. My sin killed the only innocent Man. When I was dead, this happened. However, an exchange took place. For Christ took my sinful life, but He gave me His perfect life. When I stand before the Judge, I will not claim my own good deeds or ask God to forgive me. Non of those things are going to work. I will say, Judge you provided a Savior. I trust in Him and Him alone.

What happened to Tous? God saved Him. Now, I’m endeavoring to go hard for the real KING until I take my last breath. If you haven’t recognized your sin and trusted in Christ, DON’T WAIT! DO IT TODAY! YOU MAY NOT HAVE TOMORROW. Grace and Truth


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